DIGITAL Menu board is a digital menu which is displayed on a monitor or a TV and specifically created for restaurants, bars and cafes.

Technologies develop constantly, and nowadays there is an opportunity to purchase a high- quality TV or a monitor with high definition and big screen size with the price of a simple lightbox. That’s why a lot of cafes and restaurants use menu boards in food courts in order to present their menus in a colourful and attractive way.


The solution is very simple and reliable.





Advantages of menu boards (in comparison to lightboxes):

They’re much brighter and will help attract more attention.

There is an ability to make important changes yourselfcreate a new slide show or a series of videos for display (this is relevant for static menu boards).

You can make high-quality animated menu with movable objects or text, as well as, for example, illusion of smoke and steam from hot dishes.

They offer the most effective promotion of your special offers and great discounts. Therefore, the number of visitors increases and the average income gets higher.

They can help improve your image and loyalty of your clients.

Lowest financial expenses on purchase, maintenance and convenient control.

We can offer to develop a unique design for both static and animated menus displayed on digital menu boards.

Huge professional experience in creating menus for different restaurants and having our own groundwork in the form of unique photobank of modern dishes help us develop colourful, easily interpreted, attractive and modern menu boards.

Such menus are in high demand among restaurants located in food courts. They’re often used for presenting an updated menu, advertising discounts and special offers, as well as attracting passers-by directly from the display stand.

We offer you bright digital menu boards

Static menu board is one single image or photo without animation. It’s often used to demonsrate a menu with primary dishes. Its displaying is usually static, so that clients don’t get distracted while choosing a dish. Such image can be interrupted by a video or several photos, it can be used to show a restaurant’s logo, great discounts or special offers.

Statically animated digital board is a menu that’s slightly more vivid. For example, it can show the animation of steam above the cup, plate with soup or pizza, hot embers, the glitter of dishes and so on.

Dinamically animated digital board is a video-like menu. Such “vibrant” menus stand out thanks to animations on the whole screen. It could be moving photos of dishes, fresh vegetables flying into salad or different ingredients flying into pizza, animated heroes or any other creative idea of yours. You can’t ignore videos in between, showing different variations of dishes, offers or a restaurant’s logo.

Slide show is a static menu changing in a cycle (for instance, dishes, then beverages, then dishes again) or photos of main dishes and new discounts.

There are several options of displaying images on screens or TVs, which differ by the price of implementation and personal abilities. Our specialists will be able to give you feedback and recommend a technology of implementing the creation of menu boards which suits exactly you.

Our workers will help implement absolutely any idea, depending on the budget, and can also recommend equipment with connecting new features to the working system. You will be able to install a simple option of the digital menu, which can be modernized into a more modern type, but only after the equipment for the future update is chosen.


1. Preparing the device

We program and test the code for Raspberry PI and set it up for your Dropbox account.

2. Helping you integrate the device in your interior

We communicate with you via video call and help you with installation and connecting Raspberry PI to the network.

3. Creating the digital menu

We prepare the video design (MPG4 files) for displaying them on the screens.

4. Helping with any questions remotely

We contact you via video call and help you solve any emerged problems.

5. Editing the digital menu

We change the prices, animation and design of your digital menu.

6. Taking care of our clients

You can always get a feedback about any question regarding our work.

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